Friday, 27 April 2012

Super Junior Opera Japanese album released???



New Music Video released by Super Junior members..
They are also will released Opera japanese album..

Here the video..
Check it out~
Picture + Video : Super junior ELF (everlastingfriends)/fafa031004(official youtube)

Siwon lost his wallet at airplane??

Carelessness could be owned by anyone. Not to mention the personnel members of Super Junior Siwon is often considered the most handsome with gasture guy.

"When landing in Jakarta, Thursday (26/04/2012) for Super Show Indonesia(SS4)Siwon is reportedly had left the wallet on the airplane. He was so careless..

The people give information said :
"When off the plane yesterday, one of the personnel Siwon Suju is distraught because his purse was left behind on the airplane," 

"SIWON left his wallet in Garuda Indonesia plane yesterday, on his wallet/purse have credit cards and cash".

This is not the first time a Kpop idol leave their belongings in the aircraft. Earlier during a visit to Jakarta, Kwang Gi laptop 'BEAST' also had left behind at the airport. Arrive at a press conference, Kwang Gi was visibly really upset.

**Who people got find siwon wallet..please return back to him..i know you are kind of people..As i know we should not take the kind/private kind does not belong to us..**

Expecially Indonesia ELF coz he lost his wallet on your country airplane~

So if you found it please return back..poor siwonnie..maybe at his wallet have more kind important thing..**
-So thinking carefully before do any bad decision..okay???- [Take a Note]

Picture + Source : Super junior E.L.F(everlastingfriends)/fafa931004

Monday, 16 April 2012

Kangin officially discharged from military and got welcome warm from fans and Super junior Member??

Super Junior‘s Kangin (27) has wrapped up his mandatory military service and stepped out from the gates on April 16th. The singer was welcomed and congratulated by his fellow Super Junior members as well as hundreds of fans at 8AM KST.

Despite being busy with their ‘Super Show 4‘ concert, Super Junior members Donghae, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, Eunhyuk, Leeteuk, and Sungmin all came out to welcome Kangin’s return. In their “natural style” compared to when they are on stage, the Super Junior members greeted Kangin with open arms.

SM Entertainment revealed that they currently do not have any activities planned for Kangin. They revealed, Once Kangin is discharged, Super Junior members will prepare for their future activities.”

Kangin had enlisted himself back on July 7th, 2010 and entered the Nonsan army training center as a recruit.

Welcome back, Kangin!

Video from [TV Daily]

Video from [SSTV]

Photo : TV Report
Source : Super Junior ELF (EverLastingFriends)/fafa931004
Video : Super Junior ELF (EverLastingFriends)/fafa931004 account

Friday, 13 April 2012

We Got Married will be cancelled and Leeteuk say "No"???

Super Junior‘s Leeteuk expressed his thoughts on MBC‘s ‘We Got Married‘ being cancelled.

A media outlet announced that ‘We Got Married’ would be taken off the air altogether due to MBC’s on-going labor strike, and on April 12th, Leeteuk displayed his opposition to the cancellation by writing via his official Twitter page, “No, no this can’t be~ we only saw each other a few times…”

Ahead of this tweet, on April 10th, ‘We Got Married’ wrote on their official homepage, The program will be cancelled on Saturday April 14th, due to theMusic & Lyrics broadcast.”

As soon as netizens read the update, rumors began to spread regarding the cancellation of ‘We Got Married’, and viewers began to voice their opinions, stating that they could not understand why the program would be coming to an end.

We are willing to wait, watching the ‘special’ re-runs, but what do you mean cancellation?”, as well as, What are the reasons for this cancellation? Please take it back!”, and more, trying to prevent the show from being taken off the air.

‘We Got Married’ has aired a few re-runs in February due to the labor strike, and aired a few new episodes in March, but the show once again became pre-empted starting on April 7th.

Read more article about We Got Married Season Super junior and  (TeukSo) and all about TeukSo planning for  the future for Fighthing Junior (hae,hyuk,kyu,Min) at past at links here :)

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Did your guys think they are (TeukSo Couple) good together??
-leave ur comment-

Source : SportsSeoul via Nate &  Super junior E.L.F (EverLastingFriends)/fafa931004
Photo : Super junior E.L.F (EverLastingFriends)/fafa931004

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Kangin will rejoin to Super junior after 3 years??

Kangin will finally return to Super Junior after 3 years.
On April 16th, after completing his military service, Kangin will be discharged and is scheduled to rejoin his fellow Super Junior members.

It is believed that SM Entertainment has already confirmed Kangin’s return and has begun preparations. Fans predict that a new album will be released by Super Junior, joined by Kangin, in the first half of the year.

In September and October of 2009, Kangin withdrew from team activities due to a scandal. After a time of self-reflection, Kangin joined the army in July of the following year. During the time of his absence, Super Junior released their 4th and 5th albums, ‘Bonamana‘ and ’Mr. Simple‘, and also proceeded on a world tour. Some could say they matured enough to make Kangin’s absence almost unnoticeable, however, the members never forgot about Kangin despite their success.

Furthermore, Super Junior is said to be determination to excel even further with the rejoining of Kangin.

One associate commented, “The members’ friendship is even deeper now” and “whenever Kangin came out during breaks and spent time with the other members, they let out all of their emotions and solved any misunderstandings.”

Kangin’s return to the group was predicted before. Kangin commented during an interview while leaving the army training center: “I was able to endure everything because of everyone waiting for me” and “Instead of the weak and immature me before, I want to grow into a more mature and adult-like figure that is actually worthy of the love.”

The members also displayed their affection for Kangin. Leeteuk appeared on an episode of MBC‘s ‘Radio Star‘ that aired on September 23rd of 2010 and said, “During the time of the incident, I did feel betrayed, but after time passed, I realized that the only people that can truly care for Kangin and comfort him during this hard time are the members.”

Super Junior members even made a hologram of Kangin appear during their ‘Super Show 3‘ concert in August of 2010, further showing that his absence was greatly missed. On April 16th, the day of his discharge, the members are planning on going to the site and congratulating him.
Super Junior is currently in the midst of their ‘Super Show 4‘ world tour with plans for a release of a new album in the first half of this year.

Source: Sports Korea via Nate .com
Picture : Super Junior E.L.F (Ever Lasting friends)/fafa931004

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Super Junior got Bra treatment and so adorable at SS4 Paris??

Super Junior completing their solo concerts in Paris, this is because their performance isa K-pop group the success of its first solo concert.
Super Junior agency SM Entertainment said,

"Super Junior concert success with 'WORLD TOUR SUPER JUNIOR SUPER SHOW INPARIS 4' in LeZenith de Paris on 6 April, and attracted the attention of fans from France,England, Germany, Poland, Hungary, and much more"

They feature a range of their hit songs, among others, for example like "Sorry Sorry", "Bonamana", "Mr.Simple,"  song and the appearance got of a positive response from 7000 E.L.F Paris.

"Super Junior special things to prepare to speak in French to the fans, and communicatewith their fans with intelligence and sense of humor,".

CSJH Dana & Sunday also present as special guests, and singing the song "Look At Me" for fans of Europe.
However, one interesting note is that European fans have special gifts to Super Junior, a female fan threw their bra's on stage.

Video footage YESUNG while holding the bra and Donghae put the bra on his head has received much attention.

Some people say that it is funny, but while others think that it is not things done quickly for woman.
Pity really see YESUNG who made ​​fun of by members of the group ~, ~

Check This Out :)
#Playing with bra..LOL~

#All members are so adorable~

Source + Picture :Super Junior E.L.F (EverLastingFriends)/fafa931004
Video : Super Junior E.L.F (EverLastingFriends)/fafa931004 (Official account)

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Leeteuk say his apologize with his AprilFool day pranks to ELF??

Super Junior‘s Leeteuk apologized to the people who were inconvenienced by his April Fools’ Day prank.

The singer shared his real cell phone number on his Twitter and on April 6th he wrote,

Please forward all calls to this number! All other numbers no no! I personally apologized to those people. So only this number! See this number? But only one call! My phone is ringing nonstop.”

Back on April 1st, Leeteuk shared the first three digits (prefix) to his cell phone number via Twitter. Since the number was incomplete, his fans added ’1004′ (which is pronounced as the word angel in Korean) from his Twitter handle ‘special1004‘ to the first three digits and called the number repeatedly. But the number belonged to an average Korean citizen, and this innocent person was inconvenienced by the high number of calls from Leeteuk’s fans. Leeteuk realized this and revealed his real phone number so the Korean citizen wouldn’t be bothered anymore but the citizen still received many calls after the fact.

Netizens who read Leeteuk’s tweet remarked,

Is this phone number real? I’m relieved that Leeteuk apologized“, “It’s not Leeteuk’s fault“, and more.

Source : Newsen via Nate 
Image : Super Junior ELF (EverLastingFriends)/fafa931004

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Siwon say his thankfull to all wish him on his birthday??

On 7.April.2012,Saturday
Super Junior Siwon say thankfull who people mind/remember to him for his birthday..

He also sent his thankfull to who wishes to him on his official twitter and also sent sexy picture as like the picture at above~

He say " : 이런 분에 넘치는 사랑과 축하주셔서 무슨말을해야할지^^ 그저 감사하단말과 따뜻한마음만 품을뿐입니다. 생일축하해준 가족 친구 선배 동료 팬분들등 다시한번 너무 감사해요^^ 내가 뭐라고 참 ^^ "


He say "  : I can't think of what I should say to all of you for giving someone like me overflowing love and well wishes^^ I am just filled with words of gratitude and warm feelings. Thank you so much once again to all my family, friends, sunbae, colleagues and fans who have wished me a happy birthday^^ I really don't know what to say^^ "

Happy Birthday Choi Siwon!! ^^"

Source + Picture : Super Junior ELF (EverLastingFriends)/fafa931004

Eunhyuk celebrate his birthday with donghae and yeoja/girl??who the girl??

Super Junior Eunhyuk celebrate his birthday with fellow member (Donghae) and friends actress Jung Ryeowoon

On April 4th, Jung Ryeo Won tweeted, Flash gathering with Donghae and Eunhyuk, whose birthday is today! From Paris!“. With Jung Ryeo Won in between the two handsome men, all three stars showed off their good looks in the three photos set.

Netizens replied with,It seems like I received a present although it’s Eunhyuk’s birthday“, “Cute smiling Eunhyuk“, and “Do they have a performance in Paris?

Eunhyuk also wrote on his Twitter, Thank you for giving birth to me, mom and dad. I love you.

Happy Birthday, Eunhyuk!

Source: Newsen via Nate & Super junior ELF (EverLastingFriends)/fafa031004

Picture : Super junior ELF (EverLastingFriends)/fafa031004

Monday, 2 April 2012

Kim heechul having surgery right now??

Today on 2.April.2012,

Is surgery day for kim Heechul..

"Dont Be shock"

What surgery?? -here read his chat on Sungdong cafe on 30.March.2012 properly-

..just to clear things up about Heechul's injury/surgery, some seems to be quite confused.
[120330][Sungdong Cafe]

I will be undergoing a surgery next monday [Apr 2], so next week's broadcast will be a pre-recorded one, next next week is because I will be resting, therefore might not be able to do the show.

Some of you may know, I've slipped and injured my nose 4 years ago, I should've done the surgery 4 years ago, but I was scared so I didn't, and now its a bit crooked and I have breathing issues.


That's why I want to rest a while after the surgery, because it hurts, and I have problems breathing, listen, it sounds different right? I told the doctor to perform a really neat surgery, so everyone please don't worry.
by : [chi tran:朝花希拾heehouse]

Now on twitter worldwide is 1st name is #PrayForHeechul..

I hope his surgery will be succes and safe our heechul..

Source and Picture : Super Junior E.L.F (EverLastingFriends)/fafa931004

Siwon is a prince even he on bed?

Super Prince Siwon of Super Junior has revealed a selca straight out of bed.

On April 1st, Siwon uploaded the above photo on his Twitter with a post that read, New month new day and new beginning!

The photo depicts Siwon looking groggy having just woken up. Even with his bed hair, he managed to pull off a casual look fit for a prince.

Netizens and fans alike commented, Radiant skin right out of bed“, “No other definition of prince than right here” and “I’m sure he wakes up perfect every morning“.

Source & Image: Siwon’s Twitter / Super Junior E.L.F(Ever lasting friends)/fafa931004

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Leeteuk give his private number to fans at Twitter and SM ENTERTAIMENT also say this is truth number??

Leeteuk from super junior members reveals his phone number to fans or public??

I think he just kidding or fooled his fans at first but he's not.. **as April Fool Day**
thats number is real his phone number..

SM Entertaiment Officially also informed on articles and say ","his number is true and now Teuk turn off his phone cuz many Fans gave him a call" By : [cr:SJ_ELF_1106ing]

here Leeteuk write on his twitter the first time when he reveals his phone number to public :

[Trans]  : 010-4460-1117 It's popular star Leeteuk's handphone number!! It's 100% real.. So don't get fooled by fake numbers from now on and contact me via this number please.

He (Leeteuk) also update his twitter and say :

[Trans]  : he receive more than 5000 message in kakaotalk but notification just show 999 and missed call also just show 99 lol~

Then, he (Leeteuk) also say  [Trans] " his phone is overload and going to died.."

After that, he (Leeteuk) also update status :

[Trans] Now currently he have 5000 messages, 10000 message (in kakaotalk) and also have video calls, his phone almost overload..