Friday, 30 March 2012

Super Junior Greeting Indonesia fans?

Super Junior will be confirmed do Super Show 4 (SS4) at Jakarta,Indonesia..

Here Some information to [INDONESIA ELF] :)

-28 April 2012 (SAT) : 19.00
-29 April 2012 (SUN) : 13.30


Here also have Super junior members greeting to you (ELF INDO) all :))

Source + Photo : Super Junior E.L.F (Ever Lasting Friends)/fafa931004

Sungmin with new song of "OST I Need A Fairy"

The newest track for the OST of hit KBS 2TV sitcom ‘I Need A Fairy’ has just been released.

This is the second part of the OST for this series, and expectations were high prior to it’s release, as member Sungmin of leading idol group Super Junior lent his voice for the track.

“Oh Wa” sung by Sungmin is a project by director Hwang Sang Jun who also worked on movie ‘Dancing Queen‘ and drama series ‘Soldier‘ in the past, and the song’s addictive chorus is sure to catch on quickly with the public. The dance-able melody pairs perfectly with Sungmin’s smooth vocals, and conveys a positive message and energy to listeners everywhere.

‘I Need A Fairy’ airs every weekday at 7:45PM KST.

Check out Sungmin’s newest release below!

Source : Super junior ELF (EverLastingFriends)/fafa931004

Picture : Super junior ELF (EverLastingFriends)/fafa931004

Video : Official Youtube Account SuperJunior E.L.F (Ever Lasting friends

Yesung take selca with his younger brother.

Super Junior‘s Yesung and his equally handsome little brother took a selca together, proving that good looks must run in the family.

On March 29th, Yesung uploaded the selca on Twitter, and wrote, “I visited with my good looking (?) little brother Jong Jin, and then went to Heestory. Heechul hyung, I kept my loyalty [to you].” Fans were surprised at the similarity between the two brothers with some commenting that they could be twins.

Followers commented, “Good looking brothers. Your parents must be proud,” and “Without his glasses, Yesung would look exactly like his brother.”

Source & Photo: Super Junior E.L.F(Ever Lasting Friends)/fafa931004

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Yesung come to MusicBank and give support to SHINee??

Super Junior member Yesung thoughtfully prepared snacks to congratulate his junior artist and label mate SHINee on their recent comeback.

SHINee made a comeback performance with “Sherlock“ on the March 23rd airing of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Music Bank. The idol group who returned to the K-Pop scene after a lengthy year and a half hiatus was at KBS early in the morning to rehearse their stage performance.

Backstage, the boys reunited with a lot of their senior and junior artists, catching up and greeting them with autographed CDs. One of the familiar faces belonged to their senior, Super Junior member Yesung who dropped by SHINee’s dressing room with two hands full of drinks and snacks. It was his way of congratulating them on their comeback and showing his support, for which SHINee was extremely grateful.

Here also yesung update his twitter and he say "오늘샤이니동생들컴백이어서 응원다녀왔습니다^^ 비쥬얼은거의모..친구같죠? ㅎ" [TRANSLATE] " Im give support to SHINee dongsaeng  for their comeback stage^^..ha ha..

Here some picture SHINee do perfomance:-

Source : Super junior E.L.F(Ever Lasting Friends)/fafa931004 & DongA via Nate

Picture : Super junior E.L.F(Ever Lasting Friends)/fafa931004

Friday, 16 March 2012

JYJ Yoochun lay their father to the rest.

On the morning of March 16th, brothers JYJ‘s Yoochun and Park Yoohwan(his Brother) buried their father to rest after holding a funeral ceremony at the Seoul Sungmo Hospital.

Their father had passed away on the 14th. Although Park Yoohwan was able to be by his side during his last moments, Yoochun had been away, and was unable to make it while on his way back. Upon hearing the unfortunate news, Yoochun had rushed to the hospital in tears.

Since the 14th, his fellow JYJ members and C-JeS Entertainment labelmates had stayed by the brothers’ side at the wake with consolation visits from stars like Alex, Han Ji Min, KARA‘s Nicole, and other seniors and juniors.

 Jaejoong was unable to attend due to the deep sorrow he felt for Yoochun and his loss.
A representative revealed to Star News, “Kim Jaejoong could not stop his tears in his deep sadness. He was in a state in which he was not able to do anything, so he was not able to attend.”

The funeral was conducted with Buddhist rites and he was laid to rest at the Seoul Memorial Park.
May he rest in peace.






Yesterday on 15.March.2012, Micky already safe landed on Incheon Airport..At Airport also he was crying badly after he know the News about his father passed away.
**When you guys see this photo im make sure you will be crying like me**

Here some photo JYJ Yoochun at Incheon Airport :-

#He already was landed

#He shoock after knows the News of his father

#He hold on his sadness

#He hold on his crying

#He on his car and can hold his tears

#Finally crying so badly on his car.

Source :  Super Junior E.L.F (Ever Lasting Friends)/NATE

Photo : Super Junior E.L.F (Ever Lasting Friends)/fafa931004

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Father's of JYJ Yoochun passed away.

The father of JYJ‘s Yoochun and actor has been reported to have passed away.

Yoochun’s representative added, “We also heard that his father passed away. It happened so suddenly so we’re not sure if he’s heard of it yet. Yoochun is currently on his way back from his concert in Peru and we haven’t been able to get in touch with him. He’s been feeling great over the success of JYJ’s South American tour so it’s really unfortunate to hear of this. We’re worried that he will be in shock upon hearing the news.”

Yoochun must make a stop in the States before returning to Korea, so there’s a considerable amount of time before the unfortunate news will reach him.

Source : Joongang via Nate
Photo : Super Junior E.L.F(Ever Lasting Friends)/fafa931004

Monday, 12 March 2012

HaeSeo (donghae and EunSeo) goes double date with TeukSo (Leeteuk and KangSora)

On the latest episode of MBC‘s “We Got Married“, Super Junior‘s Donghae and actress Son Eun Seo went out on a double date with Leeteuk and Kang Sora!

Before the double date began, Donghae received some dating tips from Kang Sora and Leeteuk.  The core advice he got was Respond back when you hear a question‘ and ‘Don’t reply with short answers‘. 

Although, Donghae became more enlightened through this lesson, the date didn’t start out so smoothly…

Upon seeing Son Eun Seo, Donghae became instantly shy and it was quite obvious from his body movements that he was indeed nervous.  The advice he received from his group leader was rendered useless when he couldn’t react to Son Eun Seo’s questions and kept blabbering non-stop which caused the hosts of the show to laugh at his helplessness.

Furthermore, to show his interest in the actress, Donghae whipped out Son Eun Seo’s profile facts that he memorized.  ”After our blind date, I studied hard [about you]“, he stated.  Unfortunately, Donghae mis-memorized a few facts and became a little sweaty under the pressure.

Through the show’s separate interviews, Donghae admitted that he is an amateur when it comes to dating.  ”When put on the spot, my hair turns white [due to stress]“.

Source : bntnews via Nate
Photo : Super Junior E.L.F (Ever Lasting Friends)/fafa931004

Super Junior succes concert SS4 at Macau

Super Junior has successfully completed their two-day concert in Macau!

On March 9th and 10th, the boys held their Super Show 4 concert at the Venetian Hotel. Not only did this mark their first solo concert in Macau, but also the complete selling out of all their seats. The concert was such a hit that the boys went ahead and added another date to comply with the requests.

Major media outlets like CCTV and Apple Daily crowded their press conference held before their final concert.

The boys performed a total of 36 songs including hits like Sorry Sorry“, “Mr. Simple“, and Bonamana“.

Fans showed their pride in the boys by supporting them with a sea of blue light sticks and the chanting of Korean cheers.

Super Junior will be continuing their ‘Super Show 4′ on to Bangkok on the 16th and 18th!

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Donghae visit TeukSo couple at TeukSo's couple home??

On the March 10th episode of  MBC‘s “We Got Married“, the Leeteuk and Kang Sora couple finally moved into their new home.

Kang Sora decided to cook breakfast for Leeteuk which included Toast, Eggs, Fruit, and Salad.

While Leeteuk was resting on the couch and talking to his fellow member  Donghae  on the phone, Kang Sora was having quite a bit of difficulty trying to make breakfast.

She had diffulty turning on the gas stove, broke a few of the eggs, and also burned the toast which almost caused a fire. When Leeteuk saw Kang Sora peeling the apple in thick chunks, Leeteuk grew concerned and asked Kang Sora, Are you ok? After seeing her struggles, he asked Kang Sora to take a seat and that he would handle everything.

Later in the episode, Donghae paid a visit to Leeteuk and Kang Sora’s new home and was impressed. Also,

Leeteuk told Donghae that Kang Sora was proficient in English. Hearing this, Donghae tried to show off his

English skills to impress Kang Sora and shake her hands but Leeteuk wasn’t having any of it and told him, No Touching“.

#Donghae and Leeteuk speak English..LOL~

#Donghae on TeukSo Bedroom..LOL~

Source : TVDaily via Nate
PicTure : Super Junior E.L.F (Ever Lasting Friends)/fafa931004

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Ryeowook is an expert when comes to playing hard to get possible World Tour on 2012?

Super Junior‘s Ryeowook was revealed to be a pro when it came to playing hard to get.

Super Junior’s Sungmin and Ryeowook served as guests on a recent airing of SBS MTV‘s ‘Studio C‘.

From the get-go, the Mighty Mouth MC’s persistently began asking the boys about their first loves, as well as their past dating experiences.
Guys like these who seem well-mannered and sensitive can actually be the coldest kind of ‘bad guys’,” he said.

Hearing this, Sungmin remarked that not only was Ryeowook one of the ‘bad guys’, he was an expert when it came to playing hard to get.

The surprised MCs could not hold back their shock and Ryeowook continued, I play hard to get not only when it comes to dating, but with my fellow Super Junior members as well.”

But Sungmin shook his head, his response suggesting that this was the first time he was hearing this.

Seeing his reaction, Ryeowook remarked, The people who I play hard to get with don’t realize I’m doing it. Think about it, I did it about a month ago,” which caused Sungmin to admit, “Oh yeah… you

The boys also talked about a possible World Tour in 2012. Besides just a one off concert in Paris,

Ryeowook says they’re planning to hold a world tour in 2012 and will travel the globe visiting Australia,

London, America, South America, and China. Additionally, a new Super Junior album is scheduled to be released in the second half of 2012.

CR : @allkpop
Photo : Super Junior E.L.F (Ever Lasting Friends)/fafa931004

Friday, 9 March 2012

Siwon playing basket ball?? what his expresion look??

Super Junior member Choi Siwon played a friendly pick up game of basketball with actor Daniel Henney.

Daniel Henney shared the above photo via his official Facebook page and wrote, Great time playing basketball with Siwon and Martin. Next time I’ll go easier on them… Love you guys! – Daniel

In the photo, Daniel, Siwon, and Daniel’s manager Martin were all dressed in casual athletic gear.

Hilariously, Daniel Henney’s facial expression exuded confidence, while Siwon made a funny face.

Judging from Daniel’s Facebook status and the boys’ expressions, Daniel seems to have won.

Supportive fans encouraged Siwon saying, Love Siwon’s pouty face“, and “Don’t be so upset Siwon, you’ll get them next time!”

Source & Image: Daniel Henney’s Facebook and Siwon Twitter

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Choi Siwon comment on his twitter about his didnt like new logo SM Entertaiment building??

Recently, Super Junior’s Siwon unveiled a new logo for SM Entertainment building.

On March 6, Siwon tweeted a picture with the comment “It doesn’t have yellow anymore, the trademark color.”

The picture shows the exterior of SM’s old office building which was built in Apgujeong Station in Seoul.

The building has a big, new logo of SM which is created as a new building for SM is constructed and revealed. Through his tweet, Siwon has expressed how much he misses the old building which now looks different.

Netizens who saw his tweet comment: “Maybe Siwon does not like the new logo for SM building?” “Let us look at the interior of new SM building.” “Maybe he misses it for he has made many memories there.”

SM Entertainment has relocated a part of its agency to a new building which is built in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul. The new building provides beautiful scenery of Han River, along with the best scale and facility compared to any other entertainment agencies.

Source: TV Report,
Picture : Super Junior E.L.F (Ever Lasting Friends)/fafa931004

Eunhyuk say want to be ugly like Seunggi??

Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk joked that he wanted to become ugly… like the handsome Lee Seung Gi.

On the March 6th episode of SBS ‘Strong Heart‘, Super Junior member Shindong remarked that if he could trade places with anyone for a single day, he would want to become fellow member Eunhyuk.

When asked why he chose Eunhyuk, he explained, “I want to know what it’s like to be ugly like Eunhyuk.”

Shindong further revealed that among all of their members, Eunhyuk is consistently voted as the worst looking member.

Poor Eunhyuk then chose Lee Seung Gi as the person he would like to trade places with for a day. His reasons? The same as Shindong’s- he also wanted to become ugly for a day.

In response to Eunhyuk’s poor attempt at a joke, MC Lee Seung Gi stated that he would also like to be Eunhyuk for a day

“I’m envious of his dance skills,” Seung Gi admitted. “But I will have to decline looking like him,” he added, evoking much laughter on set.

Source + Picture : Super junior E.L.F (Ever lasting friends)/fafa931004

SS4 has been confirmed at France??

Super Junior will become the first K-Pop group to have a solo concert in France next month!

The idol group will have their ‘Super Junior World Tour Super Show 4 in Paris‘ at Le Zenith de Paris this
April 6th to perform for their European fans.

Though Korean entertainment agencies have previously held label concerts in France, Super Junior will be the first to get the chance to have their own stage.

Super Junior previously performed in France last June for the ‘SMTOWN Live‘ tour.

Ticket sales will begin on March 9th at 10 a.m. (local time) through Live Nation in Europe.

In related news, Super Junior will be holding their ‘Super Show 4′ in Macau on March 9th-10th.

Source : @allkpop
Picture : Super Junior E.L.F (Ever Lasting Friends)/fafa931004

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Leeteuk Kiss Sora on We got Married??

MBC‘s ‘We Got Married‘ couple Leeteuk and Kang Sora celebrated their 100th day of being ‘married’, and had an honest discussion regarding their ‘skinship’.

On the episode that aired on March 3rd, the couple who is blissfully enjoying the newlywed stage in their marriage decide to find out what the Tarot cards have to say about their compatibility.

Lee Teuk selected two cards that brought up topics that made them feel bashfully awkward, and the two could not hide their embarrassment.

They continued to talk about their compatibility results throughout their dinner together and Leeteuk began asking Kang Sora, “When would be a good time to kiss?”, and “Would you do it if I asked you to do it right now?”

Kang Sora then adorably revealed her honest emotions by asking Leeteuk her own questions saying, “Do we have to plan it beforehand? Can’t we just let it happen naturally?”

Source : @allkpop
Picture : Super Junior E.L.F(Ever Lasting Friends)/fafa931004

Donghae Siwon featured in thailad as CF of 12plus product

The boys of Super Junior have been endorsing Thailand’s ‘12 Plus‘ cosmetic brand for quite sometime now and their second endorsement in 2012 for the company has been revealed.
Back in January, members Leeteuk and Donghae revealed their deodorant commercial, which was the first CF for 2012. Replacing Leeteuk in the new commercial is Siwon while Donghae makes another appearance. The commercial features the Miracle Photogenic product and a beautiful Thai model uses the product to attract both Siwon and Donghae.
Siwon and Donghae went to Thailand around two weeks ago to film the CF and also appeared at a special press conference for 12 Plus.
Check it out on this video and picture :
#Siwon Donghae 1
#Siwon Donghae 2
Source : @allkpop 
Picture : Super Junior E.L.F (Ever Lasting Friends/fafa931004)

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Super junior members as CF on Kyochon

At 1/03/2012 on thursday, CF kyochon already realese..

At Kyochon CF also have Super Junior members as a CF on this video..

Kyochon is about fried chicken korea this restaurant is very famous at if you go to korea dont forget to visit this restaurant..hehehee..then after you eat this chicken you guys can dance like SJ members..kekee -kidding-

Here the video their CF :

Source + Picture : Super Junior E.L.F (ever Lasting Frineds)/fafa931004

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Super Junior members attend Y-WHY Style new shop Yesung dad??

On yesterday 29.February.2012..

Yesung parents already open one new shop after their family open "Handel and Gratel cafe"..Now his parents open one shop at Myeongdong,Seoul..Myeongdong is famous for people shooping at Seoul area..

The father yesung shop is called by " Y-Why Style"

Y-Why Style shop also sell kind off Eyewear shop..

At grand opening Y-Why Style yesung father shop..Members of Super Junior also attend for celebrate father yesung first open shop..At Super junior members who will attend at Y-WhyStyle grand open is siwon,donghae,kyuhyun,ryeowook and eunhyuk..except Leeteuk and Sungmin..Someone say Leeteuk and Sungmin didnt come yesung father first open shop because leeteuk buzy learning japanese languages with sungmin..[dont know its truth or not,its just a little stories by elf]

**Well..elf hope ur father shop will be success until the end..that our prayers :)) **


Here some picture Super Junior members at Y-WhyStyle shop :))

#Yesung with SJ members,manager hyung and staff shop

#yesung with siwon,eunhyuk & donghae

#yesung with kyuhyun

#yesung with ryeowook

#yesung selca on his father shop ^.^

Source + Picture :Super Junior E.L.F (Ever Lasting Friends)