Friday, 16 March 2012

JYJ Yoochun lay their father to the rest.

On the morning of March 16th, brothers JYJ‘s Yoochun and Park Yoohwan(his Brother) buried their father to rest after holding a funeral ceremony at the Seoul Sungmo Hospital.

Their father had passed away on the 14th. Although Park Yoohwan was able to be by his side during his last moments, Yoochun had been away, and was unable to make it while on his way back. Upon hearing the unfortunate news, Yoochun had rushed to the hospital in tears.

Since the 14th, his fellow JYJ members and C-JeS Entertainment labelmates had stayed by the brothers’ side at the wake with consolation visits from stars like Alex, Han Ji Min, KARA‘s Nicole, and other seniors and juniors.

 Jaejoong was unable to attend due to the deep sorrow he felt for Yoochun and his loss.
A representative revealed to Star News, “Kim Jaejoong could not stop his tears in his deep sadness. He was in a state in which he was not able to do anything, so he was not able to attend.”

The funeral was conducted with Buddhist rites and he was laid to rest at the Seoul Memorial Park.
May he rest in peace.






Yesterday on 15.March.2012, Micky already safe landed on Incheon Airport..At Airport also he was crying badly after he know the News about his father passed away.
**When you guys see this photo im make sure you will be crying like me**

Here some photo JYJ Yoochun at Incheon Airport :-

#He already was landed

#He shoock after knows the News of his father

#He hold on his sadness

#He hold on his crying

#He on his car and can hold his tears

#Finally crying so badly on his car.

Source :  Super Junior E.L.F (Ever Lasting Friends)/NATE

Photo : Super Junior E.L.F (Ever Lasting Friends)/fafa931004


  1. OMG no Words To Express the sadness To a big lost like this ... make me cry ...So sorry :-(

  2. grow stronger with their love ... they will always be in your heart .... memories keep us strong !!! take care ...

  3. chia buồn cùng Yoochun oppa :((((((