Monday, 29 April 2013

Kim Heechul Will Rejoin Super Junior After Finishing Military Service

Great news for Super Junior fans!
On April 29, Kim Hee Chuls side stated, “Kim Heechul will be discharged on August 31 and he expressed his strong desire to return to Super Junior.”
The same individual continued, “He’s currently preparing so that he’ll be able to stand on stage during Super Junior’s world tour after being discharged. There’s four months left of his military service and for the remaining period he will practice the different choreographies during the evenings and weekends.”
Kangin was the first member in Super Junior to be discharged in April 2012 and rejoined the group after three months of practice and transition.
Kim Heechul will be a welcome addition to the group. Currently, Leeteuk is in the military and Yesung will enter on May 6. That leaves eight members who will participate in the world tour.
Meanwhile, Super Junior recently held its world tour “Super Show 5” in Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Peru.
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Friday, 12 April 2013

Super Junior Yesung Enlistment on 6th may?

The date has been set. Yesung will be enlisting next month on the 6th.
The Super Junior member had already clued his fans in at the group’s previous ‘Super Show 5‘concert, saying, “I was a trainee for 5 years, and I was with fans as a Super Junior member for 8 years. I am thankful for all the love. I’d forgotten how precious it was to sing on stage. I realized only now how much it means. While I’m not here, please take care of the Super Junior members. Please don’t forget about me,” while revealing that his enlistment was coming up this year.
The inevitable has now come with SM Entertainment announcing the confirmed enlistment date through an official press release. Yesung will be enlisting on the 6th to enter his basic military training for 4 weeks, and then will carry out the remainder of the 23 months as a public service officer after that.
He’ll still be carrying out many of his schedules until the date while he also spends some personal time, but he will unfortunately be missing out on the South American ‘Super Show 5′ concerts that will be kicking off later this month starting in Brazil, due to policies that prevent him from traveling abroad for long periods of time before enlistment.
The agency has also revealed that Yesung wishes to enlist quietly, and thus, there will not be a big sending-off event that will be held officially on the 6th.

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Thursday, 11 April 2013

130411 Donghae twitter update " he on filming.."

무슨촬영일까요 ? :)


 : In the middle of filming^^ What do you think I'm filming for? :)

Admin "maybe he filming for new drama or CF~~"