Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Hangeng Ex from Super Junior's dating with Jiang kai Tong (Chinese actress) ??

Rumors of Super Junior‘s Hankyung (28) dating a Chinese actress named Jiang Kai Tong (23) have been spreading like wildfire.

Speculations arose after February 12th, when a Chinese netizen posted on their Weibo (a Chinese SNS service), “Hankyung has left for the Maldives with Jiang Kai Tong and her parents.”
The netizen also posted a snapshot as evidence and wrote, “This is a photo that shows Hankyung leaving the airport to head off to Maldives.”

Later, another netizen claimed, “On the night of February 4th, I saw Hankyung buying a ticket at a movie theater in Mudanjiang.” Remembering that Jiang Kai Tong had posted pictures on her Weibo on February 1st that indicated that she was in Mudanjiang, netizens commented, “Maybe he was on a date with Jiang Kai Tong?”

Additionally, on February 4th, Jiang Kai Tong posted on her Weibo, “During my lifetime, if a person like this is there, I’ll be satisfied” – adding even more fuel to the fire.

As the evidence began to pile up, Jiang Kai Tong’s agency commented, “We too learned about the relationship on the internet. We do not know about the personal lives of celebrities. Thus, we can’t offer any answers… Jiang Kai Tong is currently on a break. If she really is dating, then we will respect her and leave the decision up to her.”

Currently, the agencies of both sides have yet to issue an official statement confirming or denying the relationship rumors.

Here also have prof their together..thats picture taken by fans..lets see  :

Source : Naver, Newswave, Newsen
Photo : Super Junior E.L.F (Ever Lasting Friends/fafa931004

Super junior's Donghae still cries when receives an awards.

Super Junior‘s Donghae confessed that he still cries whenever Super Junior receives an award.
Donghae recently worked with ELLE Girl magazine for a special spread in their March issue.

During the interview portion of the shoot, Donghae opened up about the global popularity of Super Junior.

I think the popularity of K-pop will continue to increase,” he said. “We constantly get requests from places like Chile and Australia, and we’re sorry that we haven’t been able to visit them yet. I wish we can spend an entire year on a complete world tour.”

He continued, I still cry whenever we receive awards. Our members had promised to work hard in order to receive awards and set records that only Super Junior could set. I am happy that we were able to live up to this promise.”

Fans can purchase the full editorial in the March issue of ELLE Girl

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