Sunday, 1 April 2012

Leeteuk give his private number to fans at Twitter and SM ENTERTAIMENT also say this is truth number??

Leeteuk from super junior members reveals his phone number to fans or public??

I think he just kidding or fooled his fans at first but he's not.. **as April Fool Day**
thats number is real his phone number..

SM Entertaiment Officially also informed on articles and say ","his number is true and now Teuk turn off his phone cuz many Fans gave him a call" By : [cr:SJ_ELF_1106ing]

here Leeteuk write on his twitter the first time when he reveals his phone number to public :

[Trans]  : 010-4460-1117 It's popular star Leeteuk's handphone number!! It's 100% real.. So don't get fooled by fake numbers from now on and contact me via this number please.

He (Leeteuk) also update his twitter and say :

[Trans]  : he receive more than 5000 message in kakaotalk but notification just show 999 and missed call also just show 99 lol~

Then, he (Leeteuk) also say  [Trans] " his phone is overload and going to died.."

After that, he (Leeteuk) also update status :

[Trans] Now currently he have 5000 messages, 10000 message (in kakaotalk) and also have video calls, his phone almost overload..