Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Yesung Letter to Elf On 5/5/2013


To : E.L.F

Hi ELF^^ 

why is it that when i see you guys, my heart is unable to speak and i can't show a smile. I'm afraid that i couldn't greet you guys properly so i leave this letter. 

Thank you for making memories that i can't forget with me who lacks a lot of things. I will be missing you guys for two years. 

I think of the stage and i want to sing a song very much right? But since i practiced for 5 years and 8 years together with you guys, compared to time, believe that it will pass just like that. i'm going to show a healthier and cooler image and i will sing you a good song (soon)~ 

that;s a promise! take care of super junior well~ and please don't forget me. okay? ELF I love you.

2013/05/05, Super Junior Yesung"