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Super Junior 7th fanmeeting with SJ will be the last farewell for leeteuk to ELF?

Super Junior's 7th Anniversary fanmeeting, from members to Leeteuk

Yesung: Without Leeteuk, there will be a huge blank. In the future, I will be like Leeteuk, be like how he kept working hard all these years. [CR: YEISM]

Kangin: Leaving is something that is hard but this is a mission that every man has to complete. When you are in the army, you will feel the empty spot but at the same time, us, dongsaengs will protect that spot for you. [CR: korelf_b]

Shindong: Hyung will be our leader forever! [CR: korelf_b]

Sungmin: Don’t fall sick, train well and come back soon! Salute! [CR: korelf_b]

Donghae: I’ve known hyung since I was 14..until today, its been 13~14 years…he is someone who is even closer to me than my family..I kept thinking that if I keep following hyung, I will have everything. No matter what, hyung, I love you! [CR: 李东海后援会海世代]

Eunhyuk: Actually, I kept thinking about the group without a leader, will we not be able to get used to it, we are slowly trying to adapt, I also hope that everyone will slowly try to adapt. I will be the leader soon so I am practicing. [CR: 我菜我菜我小菜菜]

Siwon: There are some things that it wouldn’t be good if I say it in front of so many people but I had some rough times too. With life, and many other aspects, but every word that Leeteuk-hyung says is able to make me live a even more meaningful life so I am really thankful! No matter what, I will tell the rest of the things to him on the way home privately. Eunhyuk will be able to do well! I love you! [CR: korelf_b]

Ryeowook: Leeteuk-hyung, I love you! [CR: korelf_b]

Kyuhyun: Jungsoo-ya! Thank you and I love you always! [CR: korelf_b]

Leeteuk Update status on Twitter about this party :


@special1004: 7th anniversary party.. Even though it was a party that was held in advanced~it was a really happy and enjoyable time..^^the fanmeeting this time,i communicated with the fanclub noona that was in charge and diligently participated so it was an even more enjoyable time..!
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