Saturday, 25 August 2012

Siwon with girl at Thailand's 12 plus CF.

The boys of Super Junior have been endorsing Thailand’s ‘12 Plus‘ cosmetic brand for quite some time now and this time the brand has recruited a Girls’ Generation member.

Earlier in the month, Super Junior’s Siwon and Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany flew to Thailand to film their commercial for 12 Plus. They’re endorsing 12 Plus’ new Miracle Aura Lucent BB Powder and earlier today the CF was revealed to the public.

Picture : @pingbook
Source : @allkpop

Yesung Celebrate his 29th Birthday with Japan ELF

Super Junior‘s Yesung celebrated his 29th birthday (Korean age) on August 24th. As the members of Super Junior are in Yokohama, Japan for their ELF-JAPAN FAN MEETING 2012, Yesung shared his thoughts on celebrating his final birthday in his twenties.

Yesung took to Twitter to share the above photo and tweeted: “Last Birthday in the 20′s .. this strange feeling will be wrapped up by celebrating with our ELF ^^ I’m a Happy Person ^^”

It was reported that more than 30,000 fans attended the ELF-JAPAN FAN MEETING 2012 event.

Cr : allkpop