Saturday, 21 July 2012

120721 BAD NEWS- Manager taking Yesung to the Hospital right now!!!

Today on 21,July,2012 (Saturday)

During Pre-Recording Super junior on Music Core Yesung one of Super Junior members got hurt on his ankle.

When Pre-recording they were dancing and next thing yesung was on the floor.
First, kangin noticed and called the manager over and then he had difficulty getting up.. he couldnt get up by himself, when the manager supported him, yesung was grabbing his back.

Super Junior said "don't worry, if we are sad they can't cheer up!!"

Kangin also added "Kangin said that Yesung's waist hurts. It's been hurting since yesteray's practice"

Super Junior also said "yesungs waist was hurting a lot. But he still managed to complete the Pre-recording"

Yesung still stand up on the stage, even though he's refuse his waist hurting much. please pray for his health!

Friday, 20 July 2012

120720 Super Junior Winner 1st place at Music Bank.

Today on 20.July.2012,
Super Junior Wins at the first place at Music Bank..
Super Junior also success beats T-ARA (korean girl group)..

Congratulation guys..

King of KPOP already ComeBack!!! -Be ware- ^.^

Check this out :

Music bank Stage
Super Junior wins and accept awards.
Picture + Video by ( Official Blogger )

Friday, 13 July 2012

Super Junior make First ComeBack stage at Music Bank.

For all the ELFs out there, the wait is finally over because Super Junior has made the group’s highly anticipated comeback on ‘Music Bank‘ with “Sexy, Free & Single“!

“Sexy, Free & Single” is a song that incorporates R&B along with soulful House music that makes for an easy and addicting song. The fun lyrics tell the success stories of sexy, free, and single men.

Check out their comeback stage of “Sexy, Free & Single” as well as “From U” below, and be sure to catch the rest of today’s performances here.

#Back Stage Music bank Super Junior
#Music Bank stage

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Leeteuk announceces he will marry the woman who waits for him to return from the military.

Super Junior leader Leeteuk who is counting down the days to his military enlistment has made a shocking announcement.

On the July 10th episode of SBS TV‘s ‘Strong Heart‘, guest Yoo Yeon Suk shared a heartbreaking story of how his first love broke up with him right before he had to enter the military.

Hearing this, MC Lee Dong Wook then jokingly remarked, Leeteuk, you need to wrap things up with your girlfriend too before you enlist.”

In response to the MC, Leeteuk said something that shocked everyone on set. I’m being completely serious right now, but since I’m enlisting this year, I will 100% find a girlfriend before I leave.”
If that girl waits for me for two years, I think she’s somebody that will wait for me for the rest of her life,” he said. “If I do end up beginning a relationship before I leave and she does wait for me, I will marry that girl within 5 years.”

Source & Image: TVReport via Nate

Monday, 9 July 2012

Yesung second Promote with Leeteuk,Ryeowook,Kyuhyun and Yesung wear "Y-Style" sunglasses.

On 9.July.2012,

[Yesung Twitter]
Y style!!

yesung update his twitter picture with sent picture of Leeteuk,kyuhyun,& ryeowook after he sent one shot picture of (donghae,eunhyuk & kangin) who wear sunglasses "Y-Style"

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Super Junior with first ComeBack at Mnet CountDown and Music Core.

On 5.July and 7.July 2012,
Super Junior make a First ComeBack at Mnet CountDown and Music Core..

Super Junior make first come back after successfully with fifth album "Mr.Simple.".
Super Junior now come up with 6jib is "Sexy,Free & Single" album.

05.July.2012,Super Junior succcessfull make first come back at Mnet Countdown even though have many problem but their success make a come back.Super Junior make first comeback at Mnet CountDown with "Sexy,free & Single" song.

07,July,2012, Super Junior also successfull make first come back at Music Core with their " From U + Sexy,Free & Single" performance comeback.

Here check it out the video :
[special for you guys with back stage SJ]


#Mnet countDown Stage.
#Mnet CountDown Backstage.
#Music Core Stage

Friday, 6 July 2012

Yesung promote with Donghae,Eunhyuk & Kangin wear "Y-Style" sunglasses..

On 6.july.2012,


"@Shfly3424: 룰루랄라 ~ Y style 선글라스끼고 예 동 강 은 !!"

[TRANS]@Shfly3424 Lullu lala~ Ye/Dong/Kang/Eun with Y Style sunglasses

[Who look so handsome when wears sunglasses?? donghae?kangin?Eunhyuk?yesung??]

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Super Junior members reveal they made plans to take turn serving military duty.

At the press conference for the release of their 6th album ‘Sexy, Free & Single‘ on July 3rd KST, the Super Junior members revealed that they’ve decided to take turns enlisting for their mandatory military service.

Shindong stated, “Once, all the members discussed our plans for military enlistment all day. Should we all enlist at once, one at a time, half and half, we considered a lot of options and decided that it’s best to go one at a time in order to maintain Super Junior.”

Yesung“I’m curious about what will happen after Leeteuk hyung goes, but it’s a relief that no matter who leaves for the military, we’ll maintain our team. I think it’s good that the other members can still be active despite one or two enlisting.”

Eunhyuk“I’d like for Super Junior to exist for a long time. No matter what individual members do, they’ll still be part of Super Junior.”

Finally, Leeteuk, who’s enlisting after promotions for ‘Sexy, Free & Single’ are over, commented, “I think [military service] will be my biggest homework assignment and longest ‘schedule’, but it’s not important when I go to the army, it’s important that I go and finish so I can return and be part of the next album. I’ll return and show a splendid side of myself.”

Source: Osen

Super Junior released "Sexy,Free & Single" Full MV.

Today on 3rd of July Super Junior release full MV of "Sexy,Free & Single" video..
All Elf already waiting too long time for this MV..
So what are you waiting for??

Just click at the video now..
And more information click at Super junior website Official Youtube by yourself

Check it Out :

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Super Junior all song at "Sexy,Free&Single" 6jib album.

Today on 1.July.2012,
Super junior will be released their album 6Jib soon at (4.July.2012)
So Elf what are you waiting for??dont waste your time?? Grab the 6Jib album as faster as you can..
Dont Forget to always keep playing and the video MV "Sexy,Free&Single" will be released soon at Super Junior Youtube official ..

Dont Regret Soon (Hehee..)
Here some Song at 6jib "Sexy,Free & Single" album song..

Let's Go!!

01_Sexy,Free and Single

02_From U








10_Good Bye