Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Super Junior members reveal they made plans to take turn serving military duty.

At the press conference for the release of their 6th album ‘Sexy, Free & Single‘ on July 3rd KST, the Super Junior members revealed that they’ve decided to take turns enlisting for their mandatory military service.

Shindong stated, “Once, all the members discussed our plans for military enlistment all day. Should we all enlist at once, one at a time, half and half, we considered a lot of options and decided that it’s best to go one at a time in order to maintain Super Junior.”

Yesung“I’m curious about what will happen after Leeteuk hyung goes, but it’s a relief that no matter who leaves for the military, we’ll maintain our team. I think it’s good that the other members can still be active despite one or two enlisting.”

Eunhyuk“I’d like for Super Junior to exist for a long time. No matter what individual members do, they’ll still be part of Super Junior.”

Finally, Leeteuk, who’s enlisting after promotions for ‘Sexy, Free & Single’ are over, commented, “I think [military service] will be my biggest homework assignment and longest ‘schedule’, but it’s not important when I go to the army, it’s important that I go and finish so I can return and be part of the next album. I’ll return and show a splendid side of myself.”

Source: Osen

Super Junior released "Sexy,Free & Single" Full MV.

Today on 3rd of July Super Junior release full MV of "Sexy,Free & Single" video..
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