Saturday, 24 November 2012

[Translate] Leeteuk letters to Elf


To. The fan that I love! My everything(,) E.L.F..
I am Super Junior's Leeteuk!!,) I am soldier-in-training number 85(,) Park Jungsoo!!
Has everyone been well? I passed from Uijeongbu and is now doing well with brothers that are 10, 11 years younger than me at Baekmashin training centre.
From suju's leader to now(,) taking on a role as a company leader soldier in the army.
As expected(,) even at this place(,) I can feel the huge popularity!^-^
I had a lot of uneasiness and fear before coming in here but now that it's actually happening(,) it feels like its nothing and also(,) thank you for the hand-written and internet letters! While reading the letters word by words clearly(,) its not once or twice that I had strong feelings. Thank you.
Its something that I am always thankful for. Even the day when I enlisted(,) there was a awesome crowd. As expected(,) the best!!
And also(,) from the 7th anniversary to the College Scholastic Ability exams. I am sorry that I couldn't take care of those one by one personally.
Do you know that the more I work(,) the more I want to meet you all? I miss doing the world tour with our members and being able to see the blue lightsticks and hearing the cheering sounds.
Ah! and also(,) the DVD that is selling in Japan is number one! and also(,) boys in city.
To the people awaiting to see my image(,) I am preparing so please anticipate!!
The end of year award ceremonies that are left(,) It would be good if everyone can smile brightly and end it well!
Really miss you and miss you and miss you and really want to see you see you see you have to be happy and healthy! Like it has been said that you don't smile because you are happy but because smiling is a happy thing..
Everyone(,) be well!! E.L.F-ya!! I love you...

From. leader teuk!!

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Thursday, 15 November 2012

JYJ Junsu and Super Junior Sungmin snap photo together with Min Young Ki

Musical actor Min Young Ki revealed he goes to the same graduate school with JYJ‘s Junsu and Super Junior‘s Sungmin.

On the 13th, the actor tweeted a selca of himself with Junsu, writing, Proving our relationship!!! What kind of relationship do you think we have???“. A few minutes after the tweet, he tweeted again, this time attaching a group photo that included Sungmin as well. He wrote, The answer is graduate school ^^We go to the same graduate school!!!“.

He then tweeted,Junsu’s finger!!! He was making a peace sign, he wasn’t giving anyone the middle finger“, explaining his first photo with Junsu where the cropping of the photo made Junsu’s peace sign look offensive. He uploaded another photo, cropping Junsu’s hand gesture out completely.

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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Eunhyuk and IU sleeping together?

A photo of Super Junior’s Eunhyuk shirtless and IU in her pajama’s is currently going around. The photo was posted onto her (IU) Twitter, (most likely accidentally) and then taken down within 2 minutes.

The photo shows Eunhyuk clearly, but only shows a part of IU’s face. The most shocking part is that the two seem to be lying on a bed, and that Eunhyuk has no shirt on.

Furthermore, fans have pointed out that the pajama is the same one that IU got from her fans, that she tweeted in the past. She tweeted it when she burnt her top after she tried to make ramen.

As you can see, the top part of the pajama is the same, down to the button detail.
Rumors that the two are dating have been going around, with much ‘proof’ saying the two have couple items. On an episode of ‘Strong Heart‘, where IU was a guest, Leeteuk wrote, Meeting Eunhyuk’s woman again..“, Eunhyuk wrote a simple heart on his board, and IU wrote, “Oppa, I’m here“.

ADMIN SAY: ***Some articles say IU was sick at  that time so eunhyuk come to visit her..actually IU and Eunhyuk just a close friends who take a picture on Cushion Chair..That's all and the bad things is all SJ members schedule is already cancel by this case..poor me as ELF say "please believe our oppa"***

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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Yunho choose yesung for introduce him to yunho sister ?

TVXQ‘s Yunho revealed his younger sister on ‘Strong Heart‘.

Yunho brought a photo of his sister Jung Ji Hye onto the show, explaining, [My sister is] famous in Gwangju because she’s an ulzzang. She’s currently working at a bank.” The male guests of the show showed a lot of interest in her because of her beauty.

However, Yunho fended them off by saying, When my friends would ask how they stacked up for my sister, I’d tell them they’d have to get through me first. Once, my friend said he saw some girl that was cute, but it turned out to be my sister.

When asked if he would introduce her to anyone, he confessed, “I think Yesung would be good. He’s always serious, so I think they’d be able to talk to each other well.

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