Friday, 27 April 2012

Super Junior Opera Japanese album released???



New Music Video released by Super Junior members..
They are also will released Opera japanese album..

Here the video..
Check it out~
Picture + Video : Super junior ELF (everlastingfriends)/fafa031004(official youtube)

Siwon lost his wallet at airplane??

Carelessness could be owned by anyone. Not to mention the personnel members of Super Junior Siwon is often considered the most handsome with gasture guy.

"When landing in Jakarta, Thursday (26/04/2012) for Super Show Indonesia(SS4)Siwon is reportedly had left the wallet on the airplane. He was so careless..

The people give information said :
"When off the plane yesterday, one of the personnel Siwon Suju is distraught because his purse was left behind on the airplane," 

"SIWON left his wallet in Garuda Indonesia plane yesterday, on his wallet/purse have credit cards and cash".

This is not the first time a Kpop idol leave their belongings in the aircraft. Earlier during a visit to Jakarta, Kwang Gi laptop 'BEAST' also had left behind at the airport. Arrive at a press conference, Kwang Gi was visibly really upset.

**Who people got find siwon wallet..please return back to him..i know you are kind of people..As i know we should not take the kind/private kind does not belong to us..**

Expecially Indonesia ELF coz he lost his wallet on your country airplane~

So if you found it please return back..poor siwonnie..maybe at his wallet have more kind important thing..**
-So thinking carefully before do any bad decision..okay???- [Take a Note]

Picture + Source : Super junior E.L.F(everlastingfriends)/fafa931004