Monday, 4 June 2012

Lee Donghae and Yoon Seung ah will be sweet love and romance couple on new drama "Miss Panda and Mr.Porcupine".

Super Junior’s Donghae and actress Yoon Seung Ah will star together for Channel A’s “Miss Panda and Mr. Porcupine” drama (produced by Ryan Fish production/representative Song Hae Seong). The filming and setting of the drama was revealed.

Donghae in “Miss Panda and Mr. Porcupine” will establish a visual genius like a porcupine. Seung Ah will be a carefree cafe owner. The cake will eventually continue to draw like a sweet love.

Not long ago, in Ilsan, where Donghae and Seung Ah were filming “Miss Panda and Mr. Porcupine,” a scene of them having a good time filming was seen. Yoon Seung Ah and Donghae have known each other even before they started filming the drama. You can almost feel the guarantee of “Cafe Panda” by the bright smiles of the two people plastered on their faces. The drama will surely lead to greater expectations for a sweet romance.

Donghae said, “If you want to dream about summer romance and the new beginning of romance, please watch our drama and you will get a lot of expectations to it.” On the other hand, Yoon Seung Ah added, “In the warm weather, the actors and staffs are really nice and very fun to work with. Please support our drama,” she said.

Miss Panda and Mr. Porcupine will be produced by Ryan Fish’s production company. “Donghae and Seung Ah knew each other even when the cameras weren’t rolling. They know exactly how to be affectionate and completely immersed and how to act their characters really well. When they are on break, they will read the scripts and will character out their actions based on their romantic scripts. Both of them worked really hard shooting the drama,” the director said.

On the other hand, the characters for the drama will be Donghae, Yoon Seung Ah, Choi Jinhyuk, Yu Soyoung, and Lee Moonhee. The actors will surely accumulate a lot of interest. “Miss Panda and Mr.

Porcupine” will be a romantic-comedy with a hint of love story drama that will be broadcasted on Channel A this summer.

Photo by : Super Junior E.L.F (EverLastingFriends)/fafa931004
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