Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Super Junior's Kim Heechul take picture together with MissA Jia.

Super Junior‘s Heechul took a sweet photo with miss A‘s Jia after eating together at a restaurant.
On February 12th, Kim Heechul tweeted, At Kim Jun Ho hyung’s place, I ate together with my squirrel Chinese teacher, miss A’s Jia.

Heechul wears a lazy expression, while miss A’s Jia seems to compensate for his lukewarm expression with a warm smile as she points to Heechul with her thumb.

Netizens responded with, You guys look really alike” and “I hope your friendship lasts for a long time.

Source : NATE.kor.com
Picture : @fafa931004 (0wn)

Yesung from Super Junior show his face without make up to E.L.F??

Super Junior members Yesung show his face without make up to all his fans..

He update his picture use his own twitter account.

He also tweet " @shfly3424 완전한민낯이란 바로이런것 ^^ 모두좋은하루 ~~!! "

TRANSLATE " @shfly3424 a completely makeup free face right here ^^ have a nice day everyone ~~!!  "

He also got positive comment from Elf from many Nitizen.. Like " you look more nature..you looks..so..so..good looking !! ^ ^ "

Guys did he handsome on wears make up or look nature??Choose one :)

Source + Picture : Super Junior E.L.F (Ever Lasting Friends)/ @fafa931004