Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Heechul make phone call to siwon??

On 24.February.2012..

Heechul make a phone called to choi siwon on Sungdong cafe..

Heechul as a Dj on Sungdong Cafe..

Here their talking each other with translate..

HeeDJ: Hello~
Siwon: Hello~
HeeDJ: Introduce yourself a bit~
HeeDJ: Haha.
Siwon: Ah, hello everybody, I am Choi Siwon.
HeeDJ: Ah~It’s our sculpture-like pretty guy Choi Siwon.
Siwon: Heechul-ssi’s radio show, I’m not a sculpture-like pretty guy, I have many more nicknames~
HeeDJ: So you have many more other nicknames~Choi Siwon-ssi, what exactly did you call me when you rang me up just now?
Siwon: I called you “dear”~
HeeDJ: You called me your “dear”.
Siwon: Yes I did.
HeeDJ: Choi Siwon-ssi, you graduated from Uni today right~
Siwon: Yes, I’m so thankful to everybody……
HeeDJ: Congratulations~
Siwon: Thank you.
HeeDJ: It seems like you’ve became even more handsome~
Siwon: (we) Cut the cat’s fur……
          HeeDJ: We did cut the cat’s fur together~
HeeDJ: Choi Siwon-ssi, a while back, you had a concert overseas, in Singapore~
Siwon: Yes, it was in Singapore.
HeeDJ: You saved the fans in Singapore~!
Siwon: Was it in Singapore?
HeeDJ: Wasn’t it in Singapore when you stopped the barrier from toppling over?
Siwon: I’m sorry but that was in Seoul……
HeeDJ: Ah……It was in Seoul~?
HeeDJ: Choi Siwon-ssi, who knows, one day I might just get married.
Siwon: Who?
HeeDJ: Kim Heechul~! Your hyung Kim Heechul~! Your DEAR~!
Siwon: ……
HeeDJ: If I get married, you will congratulate me, won’t you?
Siwon: I’m actually more worried……
HeeDJ: Looks like it’s time for me to hang up~
Siwon: AH it’s not like that~ In our past concerts where you were Lady Heehee, I received messages stating that you were very pretty(??), hence I feel worried……
HeeDJ: Please don’t say that again~! PLEASE~!
HeeDJ: Siwon-ssi has a busy schedule, it’s time we hung up~
Siwon: It’s not what you think~
HeeDJ: Siwon-ssi, I’m going to hang up now~I’ll call you later~
Siwon: Yes DEAR~X3
Links : Heenim make phone call to siwon

Picture + Source : Super Junior E.L.F (Ever Lasting Friends)/fafa931004

Eunhyuk and Junsu hang out for playing bowling together?

Lee Hyukjae/Eunhyuk from Super Junior member's go out with Kim Junsu/Xiah junsu from JYJ [his close friends] to playing bowling together..

They are not go out together but their also hang out with Doojun and Gkwang from Beast members.

Xiah Junsu and eunhyuk a little kid fight on thier twitter..really cute both of them >.<

Here some tweet on his twitter from eunhyuk..He say " 김준수 나한테 위닝 짐. 3:2. "

Xiah junsu also reply eunhyuk tweet on his twitter ..He say" 혁재야~~너가진건..기억을 왜 못하는거 니..잊고싶은거니?안하는거니......ㅋ "


Eunhyuk tweet on twitter..He say " Kim Junsu losing. Winning house. 3:2

Xiah Junsu also reply eunhyuk tweet on his twitter..He say " Hyukjae-yah~~ Why can't you remember.. the fact that it was you who lost.. Did you just try to forget it? Are you not going to remember.... ke

Really cute right???hohoo.. ^^
Here also some picture eunhyuk and xiah junsu hang out at Bowling places..Check it out~
**On chocolate cap is eunhyuk and white+yellow hair is xiah junsu**

Picture + Source : Super Junior E.L.F (Ever Lasting Friends)/fafa931004

Monday, 27 February 2012

Cho Kyuhyun on News Paper??

On 27/2/2012,Monday,

Cho kyuhyun from Super Junior at Korean news paper..

Cho kyuhyun dress up like captain at here..
Actually..if u dont know why he dress like captain kyu because now he already promote his Musical..

That's musical has been called "Catch Me If  You Can"

In Musical also have Key from SHINee, Sunny from SNSD and many popular actress on this musical has be actress on this musical.

At korea,this musical is very famous.

Here some Picture + Video Musical Catch Me If You Can Offical, check it out~

Picture + Video : Super Junior E.L.F (Ever Lasting Friends)/fafa931004

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Shindong and Sungmin donate blood??

Super Junior‘s Shin Dong and Sung Min recently displayed their good deed of donating blood.
Shin Dong posted a photo of him and Sung Min on his me2day stating, “As blood donation advertisors, we command you!! Donate blood!! hehe.” In the photo both boys are smiling at the camera with red crosses on their cheeks, showing that they have already made their donations.
Netizens commented with, “Wow~ you two did it so I should donate blood as well!“, “I will do it for sure~“, and “I just donated today!
Source : Shindong Me2day
Picture : Super Junior E.L.F (Ever Lasting Friends)/fafa931004

Friday, 24 February 2012

120224 Choi Siwon and Ryeowook graduate at Inha University.

Super Junior members Siwon and Ryeowook have graduated!

On February 24th, Siwon and Ryeowook both attended Inha University‘s graduation ceremony, finally graduating after six long years.

Ryeowook graduated from Dukwon Arts High School and got accepted into Inha University after submitting an application. There, both Ryeowook and Siwon majored in Theater and Cinema.
After the graduation ceremony, Ryeowook posted on his Twitter,
I’ve graduated! I’d like to thank my professors, assistant noonas, seniors, and juniors. Because I wasn’t active on campus, I feel that I don’t have the confidence to say that I’m a qualified graduate. However, I have always been an Inha University student at heart. Lastly, I’d like to thank my professor for his memorable words at the end. I will never forget it.
Meanwhile, Super Junior won album of the year at the ‘Gaon Chart K-pop Awards‘ which was held at the Blue Square Hall in Seoul on the 22nd.

Here some picture Siwon and Ryeowook at Inha University :

[Inha University]

Source : Shared @allkpop
Picture : Super Junior E.L.F (Ever Lasting Friends)/fafa931004

Thursday, 23 February 2012

120222 Super Junior At Gaon Awards and in backstage.

Leader Leeteuk upload photo at his own twitter account..

At the same time,he and all super junior members at Backstage/make up room at Goan Awards yesterday 23/2/2012 (Wednesday) this picture.

he tweet "대기실 모습 규현이는 양치 동해는 인터넷 예성이는 심령사진 ㅋㅋㅋ "


he tweet "While in the waiting room, (took a) photo of Kyuhyunnie brushing teeth, Donghae (using) the internet, Yesung being psychic kekeke"

Here all Super Junior members in red carpet,perfom and receive awards...


[Receive 3years album Awards]

[Super Junior Performance]

Source+Picture+Video : Super junior E.L.F (Ever Lasting Friends) /@fafa931004

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Hangeng Ex from Super Junior's dating with Jiang kai Tong (Chinese actress) ??

Rumors of Super Junior‘s Hankyung (28) dating a Chinese actress named Jiang Kai Tong (23) have been spreading like wildfire.

Speculations arose after February 12th, when a Chinese netizen posted on their Weibo (a Chinese SNS service), “Hankyung has left for the Maldives with Jiang Kai Tong and her parents.”
The netizen also posted a snapshot as evidence and wrote, “This is a photo that shows Hankyung leaving the airport to head off to Maldives.”

Later, another netizen claimed, “On the night of February 4th, I saw Hankyung buying a ticket at a movie theater in Mudanjiang.” Remembering that Jiang Kai Tong had posted pictures on her Weibo on February 1st that indicated that she was in Mudanjiang, netizens commented, “Maybe he was on a date with Jiang Kai Tong?”

Additionally, on February 4th, Jiang Kai Tong posted on her Weibo, “During my lifetime, if a person like this is there, I’ll be satisfied” – adding even more fuel to the fire.

As the evidence began to pile up, Jiang Kai Tong’s agency commented, “We too learned about the relationship on the internet. We do not know about the personal lives of celebrities. Thus, we can’t offer any answers… Jiang Kai Tong is currently on a break. If she really is dating, then we will respect her and leave the decision up to her.”

Currently, the agencies of both sides have yet to issue an official statement confirming or denying the relationship rumors.

Here also have prof their together..thats picture taken by fans..lets see  :

Source : Naver, Newswave, Newsen
Photo : Super Junior E.L.F (Ever Lasting Friends/fafa931004

Super junior's Donghae still cries when receives an awards.

Super Junior‘s Donghae confessed that he still cries whenever Super Junior receives an award.
Donghae recently worked with ELLE Girl magazine for a special spread in their March issue.

During the interview portion of the shoot, Donghae opened up about the global popularity of Super Junior.

I think the popularity of K-pop will continue to increase,” he said. “We constantly get requests from places like Chile and Australia, and we’re sorry that we haven’t been able to visit them yet. I wish we can spend an entire year on a complete world tour.”

He continued, I still cry whenever we receive awards. Our members had promised to work hard in order to receive awards and set records that only Super Junior could set. I am happy that we were able to live up to this promise.”

Fans can purchase the full editorial in the March issue of ELLE Girl

Source : OSEAN

Friday, 17 February 2012

Lee HyukJae (Eunhyuk) got injury on his little fingers.

On 16.February 2012,Thursday...
In Evening,during recording broadcast SBS Strong heart's program with Leeteuk , Shindong and Lee hyuk Jae (Eunhyuk).

Lee Hyuk Jae (eunhyuk) from Super Junior got injury on his little finger.
He cut his little fingers because last night he cooked himself then he got the cut on his fingers.
when he open the canned food..

He also got 5 stitches on his little fingers.

I, hope he get well soon before SS4 (Super Show) Singapore :(

Picture : Super Junior E.L.F (Ever Lasting Friends)/fafa931004

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Super Junior's Kim Heechul take picture together with MissA Jia.

Super Junior‘s Heechul took a sweet photo with miss A‘s Jia after eating together at a restaurant.
On February 12th, Kim Heechul tweeted, At Kim Jun Ho hyung’s place, I ate together with my squirrel Chinese teacher, miss A’s Jia.

Heechul wears a lazy expression, while miss A’s Jia seems to compensate for his lukewarm expression with a warm smile as she points to Heechul with her thumb.

Netizens responded with, You guys look really alike” and “I hope your friendship lasts for a long time.

Source : NATE.kor.com
Picture : @fafa931004 (0wn)

Yesung from Super Junior show his face without make up to E.L.F??

Super Junior members Yesung show his face without make up to all his fans..

He update his picture use his own twitter account.

He also tweet " @shfly3424 완전한민낯이란 바로이런것 ^^ 모두좋은하루 ~~!! "

TRANSLATE " @shfly3424 a completely makeup free face right here ^^ have a nice day everyone ~~!!  "

He also got positive comment from Elf from many Nitizen.. Like " you look more nature..you looks..so..so..good looking !! ^ ^ "

Guys did he handsome on wears make up or look nature??Choose one :)

Source + Picture : Super Junior E.L.F (Ever Lasting Friends)/ @fafa931004

Monday, 13 February 2012

Super Junior Cho kyuhyun and Lou Yi Xiao (Wife) enjoy boxing together on the Nintendo Wii.

A special preview from the Chinese special for ‘We Got Married‘ was revealed on February 11th featuringnewlywed couple’, Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun and Chinese actress Lou Yi Xiao.

In the preview, Kyuhyun and Lou Yi Xiao are seen enjoying a game of boxing on the Nintendo Wii. Despite concerns of a language barrier and questions on how the couple would communicate, it seems that they’re communicating just fine.

The Chinese version of ‘We Got Married’ will air through Shanghai Media Group.

Here some video their together :

Photo + Video : @fafa931004 / Super Junior E.L.F (Ever Lasting Friends)
Source : @allkpop

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Super junior Choi Siwon take some picture without shirt on his bed??

This Morning on 12.February.2012..

Choi Siwon from Super Junior members take  some picture when he wake up from his sleep today and give greeting morning to his E.L.F like always..

Siwon Tweet : " @siwon407 good morning beautiful world."

He teased his E.L.F so much..Aigoo.. -cover my eyes with my both hand-
Anyway Good morning Choi Siwon~

Source +Picture : @fafa931004 (Own).

Friday, 10 February 2012

Choi Siwon Birthday (^.^)

Happy Birthday to Choi Siwon's (Unofficial Birthday)..
Actually he's birthday on 7 April 1986 but his father registered late on 10.February.1987..
Anyway we should wish to him too..
Happy Birthday Woori Siwon oppa :)

That's My present for u Woonie :) 생일 축하합니다 오빠

Photo + Source : @fafa931004 (own)

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Leeteuk from Super Junior Considers growing out his hair.

Super Junior member Leeteuk shared an older photo of himself where he sported a longer hairstyle.

The singer posted the photo above on January 29th and wrote,There was a time in my life when I had this kind of look. I’m an MC now, so I usually wear one hairstyle. Should I grow it out again?”

In the old photo, the younger Leeteuk sported a long, layered look and reminded fans of a character in a romantic comic.

They seemed to take a liking to the longer hairstyle as they wrote,You look younger“, “I miss this look“, “So handsome“, and more.

In related news, the singer recently caused some concern after tweeting that time off from work makes him depressed. He is also featured on the popular MBC variety program ‘We Got Married‘ with on-ar wife Kang Sora.

Do you prefer his older long hairstyle over his current one?choose one... Let us know below!

Source + Photo : @fafa931004