Friday, 13 April 2012

We Got Married will be cancelled and Leeteuk say "No"???

Super Junior‘s Leeteuk expressed his thoughts on MBC‘s ‘We Got Married‘ being cancelled.

A media outlet announced that ‘We Got Married’ would be taken off the air altogether due to MBC’s on-going labor strike, and on April 12th, Leeteuk displayed his opposition to the cancellation by writing via his official Twitter page, “No, no this can’t be~ we only saw each other a few times…”

Ahead of this tweet, on April 10th, ‘We Got Married’ wrote on their official homepage, The program will be cancelled on Saturday April 14th, due to theMusic & Lyrics broadcast.”

As soon as netizens read the update, rumors began to spread regarding the cancellation of ‘We Got Married’, and viewers began to voice their opinions, stating that they could not understand why the program would be coming to an end.

We are willing to wait, watching the ‘special’ re-runs, but what do you mean cancellation?”, as well as, What are the reasons for this cancellation? Please take it back!”, and more, trying to prevent the show from being taken off the air.

‘We Got Married’ has aired a few re-runs in February due to the labor strike, and aired a few new episodes in March, but the show once again became pre-empted starting on April 7th.

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