Thursday, 12 April 2012

Kangin will rejoin to Super junior after 3 years??

Kangin will finally return to Super Junior after 3 years.
On April 16th, after completing his military service, Kangin will be discharged and is scheduled to rejoin his fellow Super Junior members.

It is believed that SM Entertainment has already confirmed Kangin’s return and has begun preparations. Fans predict that a new album will be released by Super Junior, joined by Kangin, in the first half of the year.

In September and October of 2009, Kangin withdrew from team activities due to a scandal. After a time of self-reflection, Kangin joined the army in July of the following year. During the time of his absence, Super Junior released their 4th and 5th albums, ‘Bonamana‘ and ’Mr. Simple‘, and also proceeded on a world tour. Some could say they matured enough to make Kangin’s absence almost unnoticeable, however, the members never forgot about Kangin despite their success.

Furthermore, Super Junior is said to be determination to excel even further with the rejoining of Kangin.

One associate commented, “The members’ friendship is even deeper now” and “whenever Kangin came out during breaks and spent time with the other members, they let out all of their emotions and solved any misunderstandings.”

Kangin’s return to the group was predicted before. Kangin commented during an interview while leaving the army training center: “I was able to endure everything because of everyone waiting for me” and “Instead of the weak and immature me before, I want to grow into a more mature and adult-like figure that is actually worthy of the love.”

The members also displayed their affection for Kangin. Leeteuk appeared on an episode of MBC‘s ‘Radio Star‘ that aired on September 23rd of 2010 and said, “During the time of the incident, I did feel betrayed, but after time passed, I realized that the only people that can truly care for Kangin and comfort him during this hard time are the members.”

Super Junior members even made a hologram of Kangin appear during their ‘Super Show 3‘ concert in August of 2010, further showing that his absence was greatly missed. On April 16th, the day of his discharge, the members are planning on going to the site and congratulating him.
Super Junior is currently in the midst of their ‘Super Show 4‘ world tour with plans for a release of a new album in the first half of this year.

Source: Sports Korea via Nate .com
Picture : Super Junior E.L.F (Ever Lasting friends)/fafa931004

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