Saturday, 21 July 2012

120721 BAD NEWS- Manager taking Yesung to the Hospital right now!!!

Today on 21,July,2012 (Saturday)

During Pre-Recording Super junior on Music Core Yesung one of Super Junior members got hurt on his ankle.

When Pre-recording they were dancing and next thing yesung was on the floor.
First, kangin noticed and called the manager over and then he had difficulty getting up.. he couldnt get up by himself, when the manager supported him, yesung was grabbing his back.

Super Junior said "don't worry, if we are sad they can't cheer up!!"

Kangin also added "Kangin said that Yesung's waist hurts. It's been hurting since yesteray's practice"

Super Junior also said "yesungs waist was hurting a lot. But he still managed to complete the Pre-recording"

Yesung still stand up on the stage, even though he's refuse his waist hurting much. please pray for his health!

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  1. oppa...!! > < I worry about him! How is he now? Do you know any info?