Monday, 2 April 2012

Kim heechul having surgery right now??

Today on 2.April.2012,

Is surgery day for kim Heechul..

"Dont Be shock"

What surgery?? -here read his chat on Sungdong cafe on 30.March.2012 properly-

..just to clear things up about Heechul's injury/surgery, some seems to be quite confused.
[120330][Sungdong Cafe]

I will be undergoing a surgery next monday [Apr 2], so next week's broadcast will be a pre-recorded one, next next week is because I will be resting, therefore might not be able to do the show.

Some of you may know, I've slipped and injured my nose 4 years ago, I should've done the surgery 4 years ago, but I was scared so I didn't, and now its a bit crooked and I have breathing issues.


That's why I want to rest a while after the surgery, because it hurts, and I have problems breathing, listen, it sounds different right? I told the doctor to perform a really neat surgery, so everyone please don't worry.
by : [chi tran:朝花希拾heehouse]

Now on twitter worldwide is 1st name is #PrayForHeechul..

I hope his surgery will be succes and safe our heechul..

Source and Picture : Super Junior E.L.F (EverLastingFriends)/fafa931004

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