Saturday, 7 April 2012

Siwon say his thankfull to all wish him on his birthday??

On 7.April.2012,Saturday
Super Junior Siwon say thankfull who people mind/remember to him for his birthday..

He also sent his thankfull to who wishes to him on his official twitter and also sent sexy picture as like the picture at above~

He say " : 이런 분에 넘치는 사랑과 축하주셔서 무슨말을해야할지^^ 그저 감사하단말과 따뜻한마음만 품을뿐입니다. 생일축하해준 가족 친구 선배 동료 팬분들등 다시한번 너무 감사해요^^ 내가 뭐라고 참 ^^ "


He say "  : I can't think of what I should say to all of you for giving someone like me overflowing love and well wishes^^ I am just filled with words of gratitude and warm feelings. Thank you so much once again to all my family, friends, sunbae, colleagues and fans who have wished me a happy birthday^^ I really don't know what to say^^ "

Happy Birthday Choi Siwon!! ^^"

Source + Picture : Super Junior ELF (EverLastingFriends)/fafa931004

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