Sunday, 22 January 2012

Donghae smoking??

(You could see Kibum and Shindong in the green) 

Donghae smokes??! blink.gif When I saw this I was like is that really him..? (Donghae in black shirt)
I'm pretty sure this really is him because a fan recorded this when SUJU were outside of the SM building.. (You could see Kibum and Shindong in the green) 

I'm not trying to make a big deal that he smokes...cuz I know a million other celebrities smoke..but I know some of you are curious in these yeah ..just wanted to share.. tongue.gif 

I know many Korean artist is smoking but just remember i just wanna shared to E.L.F not for give big deal but to me im not believe it because really i know who donghae is...

Maybe if he smoking, maybe he stress or what..
But believe me donghae is not person like that...

Dont give bad thinking to donghae...

What i wanna say just believe Our Boys :)

Source + Photo : @fafa931004 (own)


  1. Well they are Adults...we Smoke...we drink ...we go clubing..and we are not Celebrities ..they are just humans like us ...<3

  2. althought im not smoke,drink,clubing and of course not celebrities,, i dont care if hae smoked!! he still a human like other that not so perfect but he more perfect than other human >_<...XD