Saturday, 10 December 2011

[Latest NEWS] 111210 Today SS4  Kyocera Dome Condition~

Many Japan and Overseas people come to see SS4 (here the picture)..

Condition on outside Kyeocera Dome holding 45,000 people - all the seats were sold out for both days! 90,000 people!

Here picture in Kyeocera Dome..

[Stage before SS4 start]

[Now condition stage and get ready for start SS4]

Here Lightstick SS4(Osaka,Japan) today...

[Lightstick for today]

Here latest update twitter from Donghae /!/donghae861015 ( Super junior before start SS4 )

@donghae861015 일본 오사카에서 콘서트하기전...설리와 ...^^


@donghae861015Before SS4 start in Osaka, Japan with Sulli..^^

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